S27 Reports For Parole

Cultural reports for parole are a little bit different in that there is no specific section in the Parole Act 2002 that legislates cultural reports for parole.  However, lawyers will on occasion seek a cultural report for their client if they did not have one completed for their sentencing.  They may also seek a cultural report for special circumstances, such as an application for compassionate release, which may require cultural information to be put before the Parole Board.


Should I get a cultural report for parole?

If you did not have a cultural report for sentence, talk to a lawyer about the value of having a report completed for parole.  This will depend on a number of factors, including how long you have been in custody and your type of offending.

Should I use my existing cultural report for parole?

If you have a cultural report, the Parole Board may have a copy of it already.  Sometimes this is stipulated by a Judge at sentencing, that a copy of your cultural report be provided to the Parole Board.  Depending on how much time has passed since you were sentenced, you may like to send the Parole Board a copy of your cultural report as part of your own submission when applying for release on parole.