Keri - Writer of Section 27 Reports 

Ko Ranginui kei runga, ko Papatūānuku kei raro, ko ngā Tangata kei waenganui…
Tihei Mauri Ora!

Ki te taha ō toku māmā, he whanau Māori nō Ngāti Kauwhata.
Nō Ingarangi tōku pāpā. 


What a great time to join this team! Being a proud product of boarding school, I have lived an exciting multi-cultural life in many various forms. From 2001, after graduating with a Diploma in Education, I was abroad teaching in London, Cairo and Shanghai. I have flown, sailed, driven, walked and wandered through 50 countries as of 2023.

My passion lies in music, cultures and languages - I speak Arabic, Italian and Māori. Returning home in 2013 after 14 extravagant years abroad, I turned my focus towards Māori and Pasifika whānau, working with youth from challenging backgrounds. 

I have also lived life as a Zumba instructor, European tour guide, interior designer, house-flipper, kapa haka guru, governess to a royal family, red cross refugee volunteer, netball ref and currently... sing in a covers band, run a small trivia quiz business, work for my iwi, teach and host international students - phew!

Working at Cultural Reports NZ, I hope to bundle all of that experience up in one package and deliver a service that is mana-enhancing and builds respectful relationships with all stakeholders involved. With my Degree In Social Work (Bi-Culturalism in Practice) and time abroad, I also bring cultural competency and an appreciation of cross-cultural backgrounds, including gender, age, religion and ethnicity. 

All of these experiences make up the character I am today, both personally and professionally. I'll work hard for positive, equitable outcomes.