Lily - Report Writer of Section 27 Reports


The report provided was helpful to the Court. The Crown Prosecutor was so impressed he accepted that there should be a reduction of 6 months for matters included.  The Prosecutor in fact said it was the best cultural report he had seen in terms of its depth and analysis.

Lawyer, Tauranga

Sentence indication was 4y9m.  He received a 30% discount for the factors raised in the report coupled with his remorse.

Lawyer, Auckland

I was born in Pōneke and grew up on the south coast and the Wairarapa.

I am Pākehā with Scottish ancestry on both sides.

I have many years of professional experience working with rangatahi; in the classrooms of mainstream school, in alternative education, through my role as a consent education facilitator, and working with high-risk youth in youth services. It has always been important to me to connect with tangata on their level and build relationships from there.

I have lived experience in addiction and dysfunction and finding recovery has been the turning point in my life which enables me to do this mahi and serve others who are caught in the inequity of the system.