Natalie - Writer of Section 27 Reports


The Judge asked me to tell you specifically how helpful the report was and how well written it was.

Lawyer, Masterton

Your cultural report was a revelation.  The Crown wanted 8 years. He got 6 and half years. In the end, he got 2y 7m and will be eligible for parole very soon. I can't wait to send you the sentencing notes. He got a really big discount.

Lawyer, Auckland

I am Pākehā and can trace my whakapapa on my mother's side for many generations all the way back to Scotland.  I majored in New Zealand History at University and have a deep interest in exploring the impacts of colonialism, especially on Māori.  I started my journey of learning te reo Māori a few years ago, and hope to continue my learning of this taonga.

I come to the kaupapa of cultural report writing from a background in facilitation, and engaging with hard to reach communities.  My passions are connecting with people, listening to people's stories, and working alongside defendants to put their information before the Court.  I strongly believe that to understand behaviour, we need to understand who people are.

Beyond mahi, I am passionate about connecting communities and love being involved in sports, youth mentoring, and events where whānau can all get involved and have fun.  I am also a member of the rainbow community.