Vivian - Report Writer of S27 Reports


The report provided was helpful to the Court. The Crown Prosecutor was so impressed he accepted that there should be a reduction of 6 months for matters included.  The Prosecutor in fact said it was the best cultural report he had seen in terms of its depth and analysis.

Lawyer, Tauranga

Sentence indication was 4y9m.  He received a 30% discount for the factors raised in the report coupled with his remorse.

Lawyer, Auckland

I originate from China and have been living in our beautiful Aotearoa for more than a decade.

Through my career working in various settings both in overseas and in New Zealand, I have provided side-by-side support to clients to achieve their goals, ensuring they are well engaged and supported. I have worked in a variety of roles in assisting people from all walks of life, along with their whānau/families. This includes those involved in the criminal justice system, students, senior citizens, people living with disabilities, people with mental health issues, and those struggling with addictions. 

I am empathetic and always utilise a welcoming approach when dealing with people from all backgrounds.  I believe working with manaakitanga will enable me to know our clients, understand how to best support them, and work with them to meet their needs to achieve the best possible outcome for them.

I believe that the right to justice should recognise each individual’s cultural and ethnic background.  

我从中国来, 现在已经在美丽的新西兰生活了十几年。我在国内外很多不同的机构工作过,在工作过程中, 我帮助很多客户实现他们的目标,确保他们在过程当中完全参与和被支持。我的工作包括帮助不同背景的人们和他们的家人。我的客户包括刑事司法系统,学生,老年人,残疾人, 精神病患者,以及成瘾者等等。

在于不同的人打交道的时候, 我总是耐心和友好的。我相信关爱会让我更好的了解我们的客户,明白怎么去支持他们,满足他们的需求和帮助他们去实现他们的最好的结果。